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Soon I get to sleep

Or so I keep telling myself, soon term will be over, the second years will be done and I get to be proud of all of them, but first! student awards, marking work, IV of work, feedback, planning units, timetables,exit interviews and summer school (all of which happen veryverysoon) THEN sleep.

BUT good things are happening too, lots of these things become my responsibility as a positive turn kf events. It was confirmed in my apprasal today that not only do I get to be full time come september but I also get to be in charge of the Graphics ND. This is scary but awesome, I get to do a job I turned down a couple of years ago because I (quite sanely) decided I was nowhere near ready for it, but now I am, and I just about know it, and it feels rather good to realise that.

Of course chances are come September I’ll be in a flap wondering why this seemed like a good idea, but at the moment ’tis good.

john doe 2009