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Sushi with Roo

Yesterday I ate sushi, monumental amounts of sushi. Blue Mondays at Yo! make me happy, poor, but happy. The sushi was all because Roo is back from doing Very Clever Things in Chicago so there was much catching up to be done. I’ve been somewhat slack on emails of late. Tis good that she’s well though, and that students over there can come out with the same kind of thinks that make you look and them and juxt think “eh?” (not realising that a novel is a work of fiction being my favourite so far) it makes me feel somewhat more secure when I get asked “so if I do this well will I get a better grade” ABOUT AN ASSIGNMENT (the answer for those wondering is yes, yes you will) or have students talking about code in terms of house building, or explaining what an adjective is. All of these things are fine if elsewhere undergrads are unclear on what fiction is.
I still can’t quite get over just how long she’s going to be there though, or the fact she gets to go to Zanzibar as part of her PHD (which I think is distinctly Not Fair). Other people go there for things like a Honeymoon, not Roo, she gets to go there for research. I want that kind of research.

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