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I still can't shoot

So one of the things that came about as a result of being stuck inside due to snow (as well as playing with Bruce) is that I started playing games again. You see I like console games I really do but a) I suck at shooting and b) I don’t often have time to comandeer the TV to play. Now, the snow couldn’t help the first of these (honestly I don’t think anything can) but it did wipe out the second and I found myself graduly working through a pile of negected ps3 games that I just haven’t had time to play and realising that I may still suck at anything involving shooting without aid (which explains why I enjoy tomb raider so much) but I’m ok with that ’cause I’m awesome at wall running.
Now however, the snow is gone and I have to be productive and what have you so there is less time for me to play gymnastics among ruins. Which doesn’t explain why I keep adding to my amazon list…

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