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Musings on Twitter

I’m still not sure about Twitter but I’m starting to think it’s a Good Thing, no matter how often I intend to blog things it always feels a little pointless if it’s just short thoughts or web snippets that catch my attention. Twitter takes that pressure off, the restrictions on the amount of content mean I can only post short snippets of thought so it doesn’t matter if I can’t really be bothered to post a long and thought out viewpoint on the world, that’s not the aim and as such the attraction.
I experimented with tying my facebook status and Twitter together but have come to the same conclusion as others that, although on face value they seem to be the same animal they are two very different creatures indeed and seperating them out works much better what works in one forum may not be suitable for theorher and vice versa. I still feel odd following/being followed by people I don’t know in the real world but I think that’s fading through use, as has been pointed out it is oddly satisfying to vent opinions at people who don’t know you.
I know there is still much more that it can be and I’m really quite interested to see how both Twitter and the way it is used will develop.

john doe 2009