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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

  • @Squareeoo sorry, I show missed this, of course! #
  • @AdjacentJason sadly it was up when the last one was for sale but has gone :( #
  • @AdjacentJason that retweet was for your benefit #
  • @Billy_Dawson dooooo it! #
  • @FelicityBagley is the patch on its side? If so its newly spayed and should NOT be going out and about #
  • @FelicityBagley it needs stuff to entertain it to stop destruction and if the people looking after it ignore it it will get attached to you #
  • @FelicityBagley also, who the fuck gets a kitten then goes on holiday!? #
  • @FelicityBagley I have a LOT of cat toys #justsoyouknow #
  • @FelicityBagley :(poor thing #
  • @FelicityBagley I'm a big softie and would take it in but that's because I'm a crazy cat lady. #
  • @FelicityBagley The people looking after it should be ACTUALLY looking after it and it pisses me off they're not #
  • @FelicityBagley do you want a feather on a string toy? Getting it worn out is the best way to avoid destruction (if it comes back) #
  • @neilhimself not for the UK is would seem, :( #
  • @FelicityBagley yup, send me a tweet when you go to work to remind me and I'll bring one to work #
  • @KennyTheAdam @MattBlackVinyl amazing! #
  • @FelicityBagley Next week, am plotting it at the mo #
  • @Squareeoo what @MattBlackVinyl said :) #
  • @FelicityBagley @NicolleWilson did you play with cameras in after effects with Gal? #
  • @FelicityBagley hold the cotton wool on your nail for 30 seconds then wipe off (unless it's glitter that's different) #
  • @JoeJCarter oops? #
  • @MrCorey hello! I have no idea if its still your birthday down in Oz but either way happy 30th! I hope its been awesome #
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