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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

  • @theDANIjohnson ahem #
  • In the time it's taken me to drive home I appear to have made @theDANIjohnson explode #
  • @theDANIjohnson topshop in amazingstoke :D #
  • @ohmatthew_ ? That makes no sense, you get 5 installations of it (or did with 4&5 anyway) as a student and I don't think that were platform #
  • @ohmatthew_ specific, I'm in work Thursday so I'll chat to Robin about it as I know we've transferred them at work #
  • @ohmatthew_ this talks about moving to different platforms #
  • @ohmatthew_ when did you get 5.5? #
  • @FelicityBagley @mattblackvinyl *I* however do know things ;) download google sketch up and start playing with it to get your head around it #
  • @FelicityBagley @mattblackvinyl I keep forgetting you've used that, play with that too! #
  • @theDANIjohnson hmm @FelicityBagley said that about her arm and look where that got her! #
  • @theDANIjohnson @felicitybagley that's possibly sharing a bit *too* much #
  • @MattBlackVinyl @thedanijohnson butIdidntseeit! #
  • @theDANIjohnson very nice! #
  • @MattBlackVinyl but when you get home there is cake! #
  • @AdjacentJason @MattBlackVinyl its the hands #
  • @AdjacentJason you will love it, I assumed you'd seen it or would have suggested it ages ago #
  • @AdjacentJason have you watched any Aaron Sorkin stuff? #
  • @AdjacentJason west wing, a few good men, the social network and most recently the newsroom, generally interesting and well written dialogue #
  • @AdjacentJason the wire is a bit different but very good, check out generation kill as well, it's by the same guy as the wire #
  • @NicolleWilson what kind of gel are they? Depending on that get some pure acetone (I got mine from the pound shop) soak some cotton wool #
  • @NicolleWilson put it in the nail, wrap your finger in tinfoil and wait. That will dissolve/soften the gel without you needing to pick it #
  • @NicolleWilson if they are bio sculpture it should take about 10-20 mins to soak off, use an orange stick or the like to GENTLY scrape off #
  • @NicolleWilson the goo then use LOTS of cuticle oil and hand cream #
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