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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • So, why didn't they get Danny Boyle to do the closing as well? Because they really REALLY should have #
  • I was REALLY hoping it would be Bowie #sadface #
  • Nononono there is no need, just stick to Freddie on the screens! #
  • So far, the best bits have all been on the screens :( #
  • @Savage_Steel I love it! #
  • @theDANIjohnson golden delicious? They are the best apples #
  • @NinDB_Fry flash is better than it was but it's still a bit wonky to be honest #
  • @theDANIjohnson *blinks* but… What? #
  • @NicolleWilson two kittens are less work (seriously, they entertain each other) Bruce was a tiny terror as a kitten , So. Much. Energy. #
  • @AdjacentJason I knew someone at uni who asked for a hardship loan due to buying "too much champagne" in the first term #
  • @AmberKing91 if you search for Ortho-K you should find them #
  • @mcquinny made by the wonderful @Savage_Steel, she's sending them to Olympians who get in touch as well! #
  • @Savage_Steel it's amazing! I'm seeing them EVERYWHERE! #
  • @Squareeoo it's really REALLY badly written from what I've seen, however this is AMAZING #
  • @JessMadeline none of the numbers we have for you work! can you give @MattBlackVinyl a call at the tech please? #
  • @JoeJCarter you did it YOURSELF? #
  • @JoeJCarter as long as it wasn't Charlotte's sister #
  • @FelicityBagley @theDANIjohnson #
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