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I’m quite excited. In two weeks I will hopefully be able to go about my day without glasses.

Without contacts.

And without having my eyes burnt/sliced/however the hell they do it with lasers.

Yes. Really.

I’m trying out Ortho K, this is a process where I wear custom made gas permeable lenses overnight and through some magical process they gently reshape my eye so that I take them out and my eyes are corrected.

I can’t quite express how excited the prospect of this makes me, I’ve worn glasses since junior school, I dabbled with contacts but just didn’t get on with them, they tend to make me look half asleep and dry my eyes out. Whilst I do love my glasses and have no problems with wearing them they do have their drawbacks. This is one of those thingsthat I hostly think can only really be appreciated by someone who wears them and wears them the whole time. No more swimming and identifying people by the colour of their costume, no more rain drops blurring my vision, no more opening an oven and being blinded by steam (no more coming in from the cold and having the same thing) being able to get up in the night without fumbling around, going to my dance class and not having them fly off when I pirouette, being able to see clearly when I put my make up on, being able to have more creative eye make up (I always feel my glasses kind of defeat the point), photographs where my glasses are among the first things I notice. This list could go on and on.

The best part of this all is it won’t be a peminant change, should I wish to wear glasses (and as I say, I do love my glasses I spent a lot of time choosing them and they have a certain something about them) I simply don’t put the lenses in the night before.

They arrive on 16th.

did I mention I’m really really excited about this?

john doe 2009