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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • @MrCorey since you moved or just in general? :) #
  • @lushjo he did that aaaaages ago #
  • @DidYouMissMe do you have a beret? #
  • @adamwilcox I have a crumpler and love it to bits, it's lasted forever (ok since college) and still going strong #
  • Taught a lesson on the universal story and had students who hadn't seen Die Hard, The Matrix, Inception or Star Wars #
  • @adamwilcox they might, if not I can bring mine to work and you can have look #
  • @adamwilcox I'll dig it out, it may still be in the "things that have yet to move house" pile #
  • @MrCorey that link is broken :( #
  • @unknowndomain ahh, that makes more sense, I was confused for a moment #
  • @onmejack but the end of the year is so close! Why do they want to go? #
  • @PeteLordAardman yes, yes I do :) #
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