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Hello there, long time no see and all that, I can only apologise that this appears to contain nothing of note other than random mutterings from twitter. At the end of term I swear I had visions of productivity and blowing the dust off this thing and getting it going ready for a new year. Alas, however, it was not to be.

Why is this you ask? Well, it seems this summer has not quite been the laid back period of doing nothing but relaxing in the sun I had envisioned (however there WAS some relaxing in the sun, its important, produces vitamin D and all that). No, you see my summer has been eaten by househunting, something The Boy and I had been doing since April and something which was made all the more difficult due to my bundle of grey furry mouse death or Bruce, for short. Now I knew that having pets made it harder to rent but nothing prepared me for just how much harder BUT that problem has now been solved! (hurrah) we have found ourselves a very nice flat and will be cohabiting as of the 11th which is Very Exciting.

I have yet to break it to the cat that he has to stay inside for quite a while, that may be less exciting.

john doe 2009